Naloxone Toolkit Content

Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration Jack Riley administers a DEA warning to police and the public regarding the dangers of being exposed to Fentanyl. 
(credit: DEA., June 2016)

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit is a clearinghouse of resources to support law enforcement agencies in establishing a naloxone program. The Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit was developed at the urging of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in response to the growing opioid overdose epidemic.

In the toolkit you will find answers to frequent questions about naloxone and sample documents and templates, such as data collection forms, standard operating procedures, training materials, press releases, community outreach materials, and memoranda of agreement (MOA) between first responders and medical directors. These templates can be downloaded and customized for your own agency.

DEA Nationwide Alert: The DEA has administered a warning to police and the public regarding the dangers and deadly consequences that can result from being exposed to fentanyl. To read the full DEA Nationwide Alert, please click here.

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