Tribal Justice

ISIS Tactics: Bombs, Drones and Kids: What Every Cop Needs to Know

The landscape of terrorist attacks has changed, the frequency of attacks has increased, and the targets are anywhere or anyone. Cops play a crucial role, as they are positioned to be the first and last line of defense. This webinar will take a look at ISIS tactics; the people committing acts of terrorism; intelligence collection before, during, and after an event; training; and event preparation. The webinar will look at how ISIS is convincing its followers to take up arms and what that might mean in the immediate future.

How Virtual Currency is Changing the Way We Investigate

This webinar will discuss the impact that virtual currency has on investigations. Starting with a brief introduction on what virtual currency is, how to get it, and who is using it and why, the presenters will then discuss some high profile cases, such as Silk Road and the recent Alpha Bay and Hansa takedowns.

Cybercop 315 Windows Artifacts - WinArt (Mar 2018)

The "Cybercop (CC) 315 Windows Artifacts" (WinArt) course covers the identification and extraction of artifacts associated with the current versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems (Vista through Windows 10) and the New Technology file system. Topics include the change journal, BitLocker, and a detailed examination of the various artifacts found in each of the registry hive files. Students examine event logs, volume shadow copies, link files, and thumbnails. This course uses a mixture of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and hands-on exercises.

The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) is seeking nominations for its annual Outstanding Criminal Justice Program (OCJP) Awards, which will recognize five programs for effectively addressing crime- and justice-related issues. Specifically, NCJA requests nominations for innovative programs that have used promising practices to produce concrete results in their communities. OCJP Award winners will be honored at the 2018 National Forum on Criminal Justice in Fort Worth, Texas.

NW3C FC 141 - Human Trafficking Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers (Feb 2018)

"Human Trafficking Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers" is an interactive e-learning course designed to provide law enforcement officers with an overview of human trafficking. Completing this course will contribute to the student’s understanding of the various elements involved in human trafficking.

NW3C-FC-115 Introduction to Mortgage Fraud (MORF) (Feb 2018)

The "Introduction to Mortgage Fraud" web-based course (MORF-WB) presents awareness-level information on mortgage fraud. The course covers basic definitions and terminology, common types of mortgage fraud schemes, components of fraud, roles in the mortgage process, and legal explanations. Students will also learn to recognize fraud indicators associated with a variety of schemes and opportunities to commit fraud throughout the mortgage process. A sample mortgage loan application and other forms used in the process are available to download within this course.

The fiscal year (FY) 2018 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) has purpose areas that include funding for Healing to Wellness Courts. Join the Tribal Law and Policy Institute for the “CTAS FY 2018: Funding Opportunities for Healing to Wellness Courts” on Tuesday, February 6 from 1:00 to 2:15 p.m. ET to learn more about these opportunities.

Webinar - CTAS FY 2018: Funding Opportunities for Healing to Wellness Courts

This webinar will provide a brief overview of Healing to Wellness Court funding opportunities available within the fiscal year 2018 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS). This webinar focuses primarily on Purpose Areas 3 and 8, which can include funding for adult, family, and juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts. The webinar details the CTAS application process, updates from last year, important considerations for drafting a Wellness Court narrative, general grant writing tips, and available technical assistance.

CP HUNT - "How To Hunt" Criminals and Terrorists: The Actionable Intelligence Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to instruct police department commanders, their police officers assigned to both patrol and investigative functions, and their analysts on how to aggressively collect and use actionable intelligence. The same intelligence techniques can be used against both criminal and terrorist targets. The intelligence training taught in this workshop is designed to supplement the existing operational professionalism, skills, and experience within the audience.

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