Attend a Webinar on the Los Angeles, California Police Department’s Homicide Case Management Framework

Join the Police Foundation’s National Resource and Technical Assistance Center for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations for the “Murder Book – A Profile of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Homicide Case Management Framework” webinar on Tuesday, March 13 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. During the webinar, participants will learn about the Los Angeles, California Police Department's (LAPD) Murder Book, a case management framework developed in the early 1980s to bring organization and standardization to homicide case files.

Retired LAPD Homicide Detective John Skaggs will discuss each component of LAPD’s Murder Book and how the uniform structure of the case file system enables individuals involved in a homicide investigation – including detectives, supervisors, and prosecutors – to review and locate key investigative reports, photos, and other materials in a standardized manner. Detective Skaggs will describe the significance and value this capability brings to detectives and prosecutors, as well as others involved in investigation and prosecution.

The webinar is intended for police departments without standardized case file structures for their homicide investigations or those seeking to enhance their existing case file structures.

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