What You Need to know about the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Program in FY 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 12:00pm

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is pleased to announce the release of the FY 13 solicitation for the BCJI program. BCJI is a part of the Obama Administration’s larger Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) that helps local and tribal communities develop place-based, community-oriented strategies with coordinated federal support to change neighborhoods of distress into neighborhoods of opportunity. BCJI is a data driven approach, leveraging research and innovation to identify the drivers of crime in a location and to develop multi-faceted strategies to reduce it. BCJI will also develop the ability – through training and technical assistance provided by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) - of the community to more effectively target these issues. All applications are due on March 4, 2013. This webinar is designed to provide potential applicants with:

  1. a brief overview of NRI and its centerpiece revitalization grant programs
  2. a brief overview of the BCJI program model, including information about researcher/practitioner partnerships, and what a successful application should include
  3. a brief overview of what a budget should include
  4. a brief overview of BCJI’s training and technical assistance component
Participants will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the program or the application process.


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