Learn About Operations Planning and Confidential Source Management for Task Forces

Join the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Center for Task Force Training (CenTF) Program for the webinar “Operations Planning and Confidential Source Management” on Friday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m. ET. The webinar will discuss the importance of assessing and managing risk, as well as confidential source management as it pertains to the development of sound policies and procedures. Additionally, the webinar will explore the unique risks, dynamics, and options involved in field operations. Attendees will learn about the roles and contributions of unit supervisors, task force members, and the task force commander for maintaining the safety and integrity of a task force.

This webinar is part of CenTF’s “Critical Components of Task Force Success” webinar series, which presents an overview of key strategies that are critical to task force operations in today’s law enforcement environment. Designed to highlight these key strategies, the webinars will discuss topics that are covered in detail throughout the CenTF training program.

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