Tribal Justice

Cabell Cropper

Seasoned criminal justice professional with extensive expertise in non-profit management; grants management; national training and technical assistance program design and management; conference and training design, development and delivery; group facilitation; strategic planning; evidence-based policy and practice, and criminal justice policy development and analysis.  Served as CEO of nationally recognized non-profit association of state criminal justice policymakers and practitioners for 20 years.  Have deep knowledge of criminal justice policy and issues with an extensive network among c

University of North Dakota, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Studies Program at the University of North Dakota was established in 1974 with grant support from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice. Since its inception, this interdisciplinary program has pooled the resources of the Departments of Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, and of course Criminal Justice. The program of study leads to a specialized degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies  (B.S.

Lore Joplin

Lore Joplin provides technical assistance to government agencies and non-profits. Her professional focus is on the analysis of public policy issues, including financial, operational, and political impacts at state and local levels. She has comprehensive experience managing complex projects and facilitating collaborative mapping and planning processes. Her work spans multiple areas including criminal justice, health care policy, and higher education. Ms.

Carl Allen Wicklund

Extensive experience in management of private and public correctional and human service programs, agencies and associations.  Hold or have held many leadership positions in professional organizations, policy task forces and community organizations. 

 ·       Attended numerous seminars, workshops, intensive training programs and classes on a variety of subject areas related to correctional and human service programming and strategies, as well as, management/supervision issues and improvements, board development and support, and public policy development and rejoinders.

Greer and Associates

Anti-Trafficking Research, Training & Program Development Manager.  I am an expert in legal/legislative consultation, program development, and execution of technical and soft-skills anti-trafficking training programs.  These programs can be tailored for law enforcement or civilian use. Skilled at managing and instructing law enforcement and policy makers on how to enhance their anti-trafficking laws to protect vulnerable populations, identify survivors, and prosecute traffickers.