Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

McElroy Media Group

As a technical advisor for USDOJ, Office of Justice Program Diagnostic Center and CNA's Institute for Public Research, Laura McElroy shares best practices in building community support through strategic communications. She draws on her eleven years as the Director of Communications for the Tampa Police Department and sixteen years as an award-winning reporter and anchor to train agencies in all aspect of public messaging; media relations, social media, and community outreach.  

National Center for Prevention of Community Violence

NCPCV is a national non-profit that focuses on community-wide violence and crime reduction. We provide training, technical assistance and programs to communities to prevent the process of violence before it becomes an event. We specialize in law enforcement training, community leadership training, and overall community technical assistance to provide violence prevention strategies and information.

Alentado Training Consultants, LLC

Alentado Training Consultants is committed to providing the highest quality training to public safety and public service agencies who interact with Spanish-speakers in a professional setting. ATC courses and training methodologies have evolved for more than 20 years. ATC aims to bring the most powerful, efficient, adult learning experiences to law enforcement, corrections, emergency services, support personnel and business professionals. Our mission is to impart effective linguistic skill sets and useful cultural competencies to our clients.

Matthew Woodward

At Darkwood, we provided a range of solutions to anticipate uncertainty in the new age of crime, terrorism, and emergency management.  With our award winning team, you can trust us to protect your agency, business, or brand. Integrity and a commitment to quality standards set us apart as we help you manage your content, intelligence, or incidents.

We specialize in social media strategy and policy, undercover managment, intelligence products, risk assments, and training on new analytical technicals (i.e. social network analysis). 

American University

American University (AU) creates meaningful change in the world. With highly ranked schools and colleges and internationally recognized faculty, AU offers a balance between class time and a career-advancing experience in Washington, D.C., and beyond. Its students, among the country's most politically active, distinguish themselves for their service, leadership, and ability to rethink global and domestic challenges and opportunities.

Active BJA Funded Project(s):

  • National Drug Court Resource Center
  • Right to Counsel National Campaign and TTA for Public Defense Delivery Systems
  • Technical Assistance, Training and Strategic Planning Services to State Administering Agencies

Council of State Governments


Founded in 1933, The Council of State Governments (CSG) is the nation’s only organization serving all three branches of state government. CSG is a region-based forum that fosters the exchange of insights and ideas to help state officials shape public policy. This offers unparalleled regional, national and international opportunities to network, develop leaders, collaborate and create problem-solving partnerships. CSG's national headquarters is in Lexington, Kentucky.


Active BJA Funded Project(s):

  • Preparing for Home: Reentry in American Indian Nations and Alaska Native Villages
  • Building Community Corrections Capacity
  • Supplement 1: National Adult and Juvenile Offender Reentry Resource Center (NRRC)
  • FY17 JMHCP State-Based Capacity Building project
  • FY17 Justice Mental Health Collaboration Program TTA project
  • Training and Technical Assistance and Web-based Resources to Enhance Tribal Court Systems
  • Support the Project Safe Neighborhood Training and Technical Assistance Project
  • FY 17 Justice Reinvestment Initiative State-Level Technical Assistance (Supplement)
  • Justice Reinvestment: Intensive Technical Assistance to States
  • TTA for Tribal Civil & Criminal Legal Assistance
  • Building Tribal Capacity