Jennifer M. Joyce

I am a former four-term elected prosecutor for the City of St. Louis.  I now provide consulting services to prosecutors on issues such as policy development, process managment, leadership and communications -- both internal and external.  I work with the Prosecutors' Center for Excellence, and am a co-owner of Vera Causa Group Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned business.

INTREPID Forensic Healthcare Consulting, LLC

INTREPID FHC provides comprehensive medico-forensic analysis and case strategies to criminal prosecutors and defense attorneys to enhance cases that involve bodily injury or medical issues. Additional services include education and training programs related to medical and forensic issues related to sexual assault, abuse/neglect, physical assault, and other medico-legal topics related to the investigation and prosecution of crime and care for victims and suspects of criminal acts.

Cabell Cropper

Seasoned criminal justice professional with extensive expertise in non-profit management; grants management; national training and technical assistance program design and management; conference and training design, development and delivery; group facilitation; strategic planning; evidence-based policy and practice, and criminal justice policy development and analysis.  Served as CEO of nationally recognized non-profit association of state criminal justice policymakers and practitioners for 20 years.  Have deep knowledge of criminal justice policy and issues with an extensive network among c

Elaine Nugent-Borakove

Elaine Nugent-Borakove, President of The Justice Management Institute, has nearly 25 years of experience in criminal justice, including 10 years as the Director of Research and Evaluation at the National District Attorneys Association’s American Prosecutors Research Institute.  Most of her career has focused on issues related to adjudication, including courts, prosecution, and defense.  Among her various areas of expertise are workload assessment, caseflow analysis, performance measurement, program evaluation, evidence-based practices in the field of adjudication, and criminal justice coord

Gregory Mize

Judge Mize is currently a judicial fellow at the National Center for State Courts.  He is also the project director of “Jury Trial Management for the 21st Century” which features a set of judicial education curricula focusing on jury selection and jury deliberations.  As a judicial fellow, he serves in the Government Affairs Office monitoring legislation in Congress affecting state courts.

Carl Allen Wicklund

Extensive experience in management of private and public correctional and human service programs, agencies and associations.  Hold or have held many leadership positions in professional organizations, policy task forces and community organizations. 

 ·       Attended numerous seminars, workshops, intensive training programs and classes on a variety of subject areas related to correctional and human service programming and strategies, as well as, management/supervision issues and improvements, board development and support, and public policy development and rejoinders.

Greer and Associates

Anti-Trafficking Research, Training & Program Development Manager.  I am an expert in legal/legislative consultation, program development, and execution of technical and soft-skills anti-trafficking training programs.  These programs can be tailored for law enforcement or civilian use. Skilled at managing and instructing law enforcement and policy makers on how to enhance their anti-trafficking laws to protect vulnerable populations, identify survivors, and prosecute traffickers.

Pretrial Justice Institute

The Pretrial Justice Institute’s core purpose is to advance safe, fair, and effective juvenile and adult pretrial justice practices and policies that honor and protect all people. They work to achieve their core purpose by moving policymakers and justice system stakeholder to adopt and implement practices and policies through: educating key stakeholders; moving stakeholders to action; working in key states to advocate for change; developing messages, stories, and media coverage in support of change; and connecting local jurisdictions to assistance.

Active BJA Funded Project(s):

  • Pretrial Training and Technical Assistance Project
  • Pretrial TTA and Training Project